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Welcome to
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We’re professional financial planners.

We’re professional financial planners.

We are dedicated financial planners. We have a commitment to you to help you secure your future and protect your loved ones.


We specialize in financial planning for college

We specialize in financial planning for college

The biggest gift you can offer your child is paying for his college education. By choosing a college planning strategy, you can make and investment on your student that will get them the correct start on life.


Let us help you dream big and plan ahead

Let us help you dream big and plan ahead

Every family is different and thus has to determine what is best when it comes to saving for a college education, but saving continuously can make a difference.

Start Planning Today

The earlier you start planning, the better. You do want to have everything ready when your child reaches 18 don’t you?

Increase Your Revenue

Supplement now so your child is able to have all the opportunities. Coverage will stay in force and coninue to grow even if you get sick or hurt.

Offer The World

Your child deserves the best, even if it means a year of studies abroad, with Easy Fund College you can make it happen.

Financial Guidance

We guide you every step of the way. We offer financial planning to protect your family, save for college and supplement your income.

Cost of College

The cost of college has skyrocketed during the last 20 years, but a college education is still necessary for financial security.

Grows With Your Child

Your money is yours. Partial surrenders and policy loans can be used for any purpose.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services based on your needs.

Free Initial Consultation

Goal Setting

With You All The Way

Secure Your Child's Future

Free Initial Consultation

Let our financial specialists meet with you. There is no cost involved and completely for your benefit. Learn how you can plan for your child’s future today.

Goal Setting

Does your child want to attend an Ivy League School? Maybe study in Europe? We want to know your goals so we can reach them with our financial planning.

With You All The Way

We are the kind of financial specialists that stick. We take your hand and guide you. Together we will meet your financial goals!

Secure Your Child’s Future

Do not only think of a bachelor’s degree, what about medical school or law school? Could you contribute to your child’s education and help lessen the burden for his future?

What is the average cost of education in Puerto Rico?

$10,000 / year
Bachelor’d Degree = $50,000 approximately
Master’s Degree = $60,000 approximately
Total $110,000!
To make their dreams come true, more than $100K needs to be invested.
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